#What does I love you mean

In this episode the guys ask a simple question…What does I love you mean? The guys also ask, how soon […]

#Things that real men do

How are men supposed to find out who they really are? What ways are they supposed to transition from thinking […]

Who Are You Loyal To?

Tonight on the Aweman podcast MA is solo, as Tony Davis recovers from a brief bout with The Thanos -you […]

#Pillow talk and group text

Do you believe that pillow talk is required once you’re in a committed relationship? What are do’s and don’ts of […]

No Morality

With no Wayne on the show, Tony and Michael speak about what is right and wrong and where a person […]

#Principals of men

How should a man talk…walk? Where should a man go to find out how to actually become a man? Very […]

#Text me when you get home

Are men in their late twenties not mature in the dating? Are women who are outspoken in public more demonstrative […]